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Studio edition
studio editio Build powerful ecommerce web sites faster than ever before with iiStorebuilder Studio. With all of the features demanded by today's sophisticated web merchant - available straight out of the box. Spend more time on your business and less time on technology with iiStorebuilder Studio.

Studio edition: true database drive ecommerce software
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A true database driven ecommerce solution means that you can have tens of thousands of products, log customers and transactions, offer keyword search features, and manage the entire solution via a browser based interface.

Which database do you prefer? If your suppliers provide you with Excel spreadsheets you can import those directly into iiStorebuilder. iiStorebuilder connects to a Microsoft Access database by default but can just as easily connect it to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. This means that you have the vast power and flexibility that a true accessible database format provides. Bulk update your data or do sophisticated queries and reports inside your favorite database.

Of course, you don't need any of these databases to use iiStorebuilder. iiStorebuilder ships with all the tools and a simple interface for importing, adding or editing all of your data. However, power users will appreciate the flexibility that a true database driven solution offers them.

Studio edition: store templates
template 1 template 2 template 3
template 4 template 5 template 6
  • Unlimited products / categories / sub-categories
  • Flexible product page layouts (which can be applied store wide, category wide, or to an individual product)
  • Two separate featured product flags (flag items to be featured as 'new arrivals', 'best sellers', 'specials', or products that you just want to highlight)
  • Product category pages support tabular layouts, columns, thumbnails and more.
  • Wish list feature. This means that customers can 'save' items that they are interested and easily retrieve them later.
  • Re-order feature. Great for common re-order stores such as a grocery store. Users can call up a list of all of the items they have purchased in the past and select from them to re-order.
  • Affiliate tracking. Drive traffic to your store by attracting affiliates. Real time affiliate reports.
  • Unlimited static web pages. Create your own static pages in Frontpage and import them.
  • Unlimited database driven web pages. Click a button, type the text and your page is live.
  • Product configurations support (such as product size and color)
  • Price based product configurations (such as a diamond ring that differs in price based on the quality of the gold band)
  • Custom design. Create your own unique look and feel by editing just three files.
  • Four freight models (weight based, flat rate, total order value, quantity of items purchased)
  • Freight models support multiple freight methods per destination (such as courier, post etc)
  • Multiple checkout modes (require/not require customer account creation, freight/no freight)
  • Merchant and customer receipt of transaction via email
  • Shopping cart status bar or straight through to cart summary page. This means that, if required, the customer need not leave the page they were on each time they click 'Add to Cart'. Ideal for stores where multiple purchases are common. For stores where single purchases are the norm then passing the customer straight through to the cart summary page is also useful.
  • Simple keyword search (searches on name, product code, keywords)
  • Advanced keyword search (boolean search support, parameter based searching, search any field)
  • Customer registration options. Turn customer registration during the checkout process on or off at the flick of a switch.
  • Multiple payment method support. Accept secure payments, payment via phone, fax, post, C.O.D, or account.
  • Multiple administrator support. You can setup iiStorebuilder on your local office network so that multiple people can administer site content and inventory using a standard web browser. A complete copy of your store will exist locally and you can preview an changes before they go live. Alternatively you can also administer your site content live on the web site itself.
  • Can also be used to serve a store on your local Intranet. Sell corporate merchandise, uniforms, or inventory to your own staff on your Intranet.

Studio edition: web hosting
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Host your site on one of partner hosting providers. Plans available from just AUD $35 p/mth including hosting, email and statistics.

You cannot host an iiStorebuilder site at a web hosting company that does not explicitly support iiStorebuilder.

Studio edition: secure payments
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Payments secured by industry standard 128bit SSL encryption. Process your payments offline or in real time. Offline processing means that the credit card number is securely captured and can be processed offline through your merchant terminal just as if it had been faxed to you. Real time processing means that the credit card is cleared at the time of the transaction itself. The customer is notified in real time if their transaction was successful or not. Real time processing could not be easier with iiStorebuilder. You can use our optional iiStorebuilder Payment Gateway Server with built-in support for Authorize.Net , WorldPay , Dialect Solutions , or eWAY .

Studio edition: price and license
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iiStorebuilder Studio is licensed for the following uses:

  • Build and maintain an unlimited number of stores
  • Host your own web site
  • Host your own intranet site
  • Install the software on a single machine
iiStorebuilder Studio - Enterprise Edition - $1995 AU
iiStorebuilder Studio - Merchant Edition - $395 AU